Warsaw Genealogy

The Association started this project around August of 2007 and is in the initial stages of information gathering and research, web design for the information we do have, etc. Check back for updates. We should note that this effort more or less follows the effort to photograph all the markers and plots in the Warsaw Cemetery. And again, if you have pictures that you would like to be included here or information related to this genealogy effort, please contact us.

Now that the first release of information to this page is complete, there should be slow but continued release of further data as we can complete this effort over the course of the rest of this year and into 2008.

Primary members working on the project are Jodie Ritch and Quentin Ritch.

Important Notes...
The Index to the right contains the names and families of those we have started research on, have some degree of information for, and released for viewing. The index should not be considered a complete list of all those buried in the Warsaw Cemetery or that we intend to do research on.
Information was collected from family members, various public records, and other sources.
The Genealogy information we have for anyone or any family listed to the right has been placed into a biographical outline format or a generic family history page we have created. These forms are not standard but are a merge of various types with the intention to handle the type of information we have and from all the sources that it comes from. At this time we will not support other document formats. However, we will do what we can and what is reasonable to alter the form in place to handle any additional information you may have.
"N/A" anywhere in the biographical outlines for these names usually indicates that the data was not available at the time of publish. However, it could also mean that the information we did have is in dispute of some kind by records conflict or a request for additional research by family or other interested parties.
If you would like to contribute additional information, help us fill in what we have missing, question the data we have, or just need additional clarification please contact us. Information on how is below.


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This section of the website is still under construction.