Photo Gallery

Warsaw Church & Cemetery Grounds

These are assorted pictures from around the cemetery grounds at various times including some from the property as it existed from before the outside pushed development, some during the Warsaw Church move to Autrey Mill, and others before and after. The gallery also includes images of the Warsaw Church in the original location and images the committee used while working on the Church identifying the age and structure of the building.

Markers and Plots

In this gallery are some of the pictures of the Warsaw Family plots and markers. Not all are represented here but our intent is to bring as many names as possible to you. We do this for several reasons but mostly to showcase the history through the names of those families at Warsaw.

1 Church
2 Cemetery

Other Galleries:
1 Warsaw Church Move
2 Veterans Dedication 04'

Page: Last Name:
1 A - F
2 G - M
3 N - Unknown

All of the Photo Gallery pages are designed around the use of thumbnail images for presentation and organization. Clicking on any of the thumbnail images in these galleries will open the larger size image in a new window. The original window will not disappear.
If you see the below icon under a name in the Markers and Plots Photo Galleries, click on that to take you to the Genealogy page for that person. That page will contain the information we have gathered to date in a biographical outline format we have designed.

Important Notes...
Some images were altered for reasons of privacy and security.
"Unknown" refers to markers and stones where identification was challenged by aging, damage to, or other factors. In these cases we note where they are in the cemetery in relation to other family markers and/or indications.
The Association has started a new project on expanding this section with respect to more than just an image archive but to also start the genealogy effort. Check back often for updates as we expect this to expand beyond the archive to eventually include family history information. If you have some pictures that you would like to be included here or information related to our new project, please contact us.

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